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Summary statement exercise – a simple line graph

This is just a quick lesson giving you a summary statement exercise for task 1. The main idea is that the statement should:

summarise the main points of the graph – the really big and obvious things

not contain too much detail – it is only there to summarise and that means being fairly brief

cover the whole graph so far as possible – the idea is to show the reader the big picture and help them see the graph without looking at it

One or two quick tips

A top tip is to look at the chart as a whole and try to see the big picture. This means with a time based chart you should often look at

the starting point and the end point – that will tell you whether the underlying/overall trend is up or down

the high point and the low point – these are often key features

the nature and rate of change – there is a big difference between something that falls rapidly and something that falls slowly

Test yourself a little first

This graph is simpler than you will find in the test. Don’t worry. The idea is just to focus on the skill of writing a summary statement. To test yourself: look at this line graph and write your own summary of it.

only write one sentence

the reader must understand what the graph is about – so include information from the heading and x and y axes

Then try the super simple exercise below.

summary statement line graph

Now try the exercise

Note that the first question asks you whether this is a time based chart or not. You need slightly different skills for different types of charts. Note too that I get the information for writing my summary statement by asking myself a few easy questions.



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