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Talk about shopping

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The cue card question


Describe something special you want to buy in the future.

You should say:

what it is

where you will buy it

when you intend to buy it

and explain why you want to buy it.

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Brief introduction

I’m going to tell about the iMac I want to buy. I should say right now that this is more of a dream than a real intention. iMacs are incredibly expensive and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to buy one soon – my budget is pretty small as I’m still a student.

What it is

Well, as I was saying, my dream purchase is an iMac. I think that it’s probably the ultimate desk top computer. Mac I believe make much the best computers on the market. They don’t just look good – although they do of course – they’re a real pleasure to use. The iMac for instance, has a wonderfully large monitor so that you can even use it as a tv if you wanted to. Better than that it’s so slim that it doesn’t take up much desk space at all – so you can have it on your desk and still have plenty of room for books too.

Where I will buy it from

If I do buy one I’m fairly certain I’d buy it from the Macstore. I might buy it online or from one of the high street shops they have. I’d do it that way because you know that you’ll get great service. It might be a little cheaper to buy it from another retailer but you never quite know what after sales service you’ll get.

When I will buy it

As I think I said before this is really only a dream – so I don’t expect to buy one any time soon. I think they cost around £2000 and that’s a lot. Maybe when I graduate then I’ll be able to afford one.

 Why I want to buy it

Why do I want an iMac? It’s the ultimate desktop computer and no one can live without a computer nowadays and well notebooks are fine but I’d much prefer something slightly bigger.


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