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Talk about a place to travel to


Cue card question

A place to travel

Describe a place that you would like to travel to.

You should say:

  • where you would like to go
  • how you would go there
  • who you would go with

and explain why you would like to go to this place.

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Brief introduction – where it is

I’m going to tell you about why I’d like to visit New Orleans – that’s my dream holiday destination. I’ve travelled quite a lot and visited many countries but I’ve never been to the States and I really do want to go there one day.

How I would go there

I’m not quite sure how I would go there. I guess I’d have to fly but it’s also possible I suppose that I might do a grand tour of the US. Fly into one of the major cities like LA or New York and cross the country on the Greyhound buses and see something of the interior. I’ve always thought that travelling by coach is a more interesting way to travel as you get to see so much more and don’t spend all your time in city centres and airports. I guess that’s particularly true in the States with their great Highway system – route 66 and all that.

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Who I would travel with

I’d probably choose to travel by myself. I’m a very bad tourist and don’t enjoy being in groups at all. I much prefer to do my own thing and get off the beaten track and just wander around getting the feel for the place I’m in. I do enjoy museums and so forth but I think that you can learn as much by sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. It’s easier to do that on your own I think.

Why I would go there

Why New Orleans? Well, I’m a huge fan of jazz and that’s where it all started and I’d love to visit some of the old bars where the greats used to play. I also understand that it’s a really lively place with a very active street culture and those are the sorts of places I like to go. The only downside I suppose is that it was devastated of course by Hurricane Katrina and I know it’s still suffering.


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