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Talk about a happy experience

This is a sample answer to help when you need to talk about a happy experience in IELTS. Read the question and look at the model answer to find ideas and language you can use for similar topics. You should note the script shows how I answer all the parts of the question.

The cue card question

A happy experience

Talk about a recent experience that made you happy.

You should say

What the experience was

Who you shared it with

Where it happened

And explain why that experience was so happy


A sample answer


I’m going to talk about  a conference I attended recently. Normally conferences are a little dull and boring and I wasn’t really looking forward to going to this one either and I only went because I had to for my job.


As it turned out though it was a really great experience and I enjoyed myself hugely. The thing that made the difference was that I met one of the oldest friends at the conference – someone I hadn’t seen for quite a while. In fact I think the last time we spent any time together was nearly 10 years ago when we were both trainee teachers in Egypt – the course we were on was only a month long but we ended up deciding to share a flat together when we both finished the course – so we knew each other really well. Then when he left Egypt we just lost contact with each other.

More what

So what happened was that while we couldn’t go to all the same sessions at this conference – there were too many of them and he wanted to go to some I didn’t – what happened was that we decided to get together at every break time and just chat.


The conference was a big international affair lasting a week with teachers from all over the world – so there were plenty of parties and special receptions in the evenings and we also went to these together. We didn’t spend every moment with each other of course but we would make a point of getting together at some point and gossip about who we had met and what they had said.

The one downside was that we work in different countries and there’s only a small chance of our seeing each other again in the near future – but we did swap contact details and I expect we’ll keep in touch this time.


Why was the conference such a happy experience? Well, I really value friendship and my friends are an extremely important part of my life. So that’s why seeing Peter – my old friend – after so many years was such a happy moment for me.


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