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Talk about a good cook


The cue card question

Talk about a good cook

Describe someone you know who is good at cooking.

You should say:

who this person is

how you know him or her

what kinds of food they cook

and explain why you think this person is good at cooking


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Brief introduction

I’m going to talk to you about my friend Annabelle. She’s the best cook I know and she’s made lots of great meals for me. I know that every time I go around to her place to eat that I’ll be given something wonderful.

Who the cook is

Annabelle isn’t a professional chef or anything like that- although I do think that she could easily make a living as a cook. In fact she’s a lawyer and has a full-time job that means she can only ever cook in her spare time.

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How I know her

I first got to know Annie when we were at college together. We were both first year students and didn’t know anyone else and we became close because we lived next door to each other in the accommodation block. Even back then she was a terrific cook and she would invite me over to her room on a regular basis. Neither of us had much money but while I survived on a diet of marmite sandwiches, she would make soups and stews – the sort of really practical food that lasts for a while and can be re-heated and costs very little to make because the ingredients are so cheap.

What kinds of food she cooks

What kind of food does she cook? Well, she’s got a little more adventurous since out student days and she now has a huge variety of dishes. She’s quite experimental and so you can never quite tell what kind kind of food will be served up when you go around. It could be traditional French cuisine, a Spanish paella or even a curry.

What makes her a good cook

I think what makes her so good at cooking is that she loves food herself and she loves entertaining people. She makes food that she thinks people will enjoy.



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