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School rule IELTS speaking

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This is a sample answer to help with school rule IELTS speaking. Read the question and look at the model answer to find ideas and language you can use for similar topics.

The cue card question

A school rule

Talk about a school you had as a child. You should say

what the rule was

what punishment there was for breaking it

why it was made

And explain whether you liked the rule or not

Read a sample answer

I’m going to talk about a rule at my primary school. The school I went to wasn’t a pretty relaxed place and in fact there weren’t that many rules and regulations. We were for instance encouraged to speak in class as much as possible because our teachers wanted us to learn how to express ourselves. It was that sort of place – really liberal.

The one rule that I really remember though was that we couldn’t use our mobile phones in class. The school was really strict about this and you could get into a lot of trouble if you became a repeat offender. Normally it wasn’t much of a problem. If a teacher saw a student with a mobile, he’d just tell him to turn it off and pay attention to what he was saying. Then again, there were some teachers who would confiscate any mobile phones they saw at all – even if they were not being used and were just lying on the desk.

I suppose the reason for the rule was to make sure that all the students were paying attention to the teacher or just doing what they were supposed to be doing and not texting their friends or browsing the net. I think the idea was that the school was happy to have kids talking to each other but weren’t nearly so happy if they were writing texts – perhaps because the teacher wouldn’t know what was being said.

Did I like the rule? Not really. I thought that it would have been much better of we’d been allowed to use out phones more. There’re so many great learning apps on phones that it seemed a little silly that we had to learn on just and paper.

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