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How to say thank you

I get many people who write in and say thank you to me.  I enjoy that – every time I get a message like that, I feel more motivated to carry on with this site. I also get other people asking how they can help. Here’s how.

Just write and say thank you

This is the number one way. Simple but effective. You can send me a comment – I always like them. You can write something in the forum, I like that too. You can even give me a recommendation on LinkedIn!

Help the website to grow

The site is already massive. But I’d still like more people to come and visit it. So, if you think the lessons here are worthwhile you can:

  • just recommend me to a friend
  • if you’re a student or teacher tell your classmates or students – this is I believe how most people get here in the first place
  • find somewhere online in your country – perhaps a forum – post there and tell other people that you like this site. That would be good for this site too – especially if you leave a hyperlink:


This is now my full-time job and one day I will need to earn some money. Later in 2014 and in 2015 I will be selling some of my own books from this site. I hope that will be a good source of income. The books won’t be any better than what you find here. Just different.

What I won’t be doing is taking anything off the site though. I want to keep it all free and one day for it to be a complete guide to IELTS – something that really is free IELTS online.

The Radiohead principle

This is a business idea I love. It’s slightly odd, but it’s the sort of idea that appeals to me.

If you don’t know who Radiohead are, they are/were one of the biggest rock groups in the world. One of their albums they just gave away – it was one of their best albums too: In Rainbows. They allowed their fans to download it for free and then pay what they thought it was worth.



I thought that that was a cool idea. A bit like Radiohead, I am giving my best work away for nothing. So, if you think I have helped you and feel you can/should pay me something, you’ll find a donate button below. Don’t feel pressure. A thank you letter is really enough.

You decide how much

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