Top Tips for IELTS

Quick video listening practice

This page features some of the video listening practice I post on my FB page. The idea is that you can often learn a skill better by focussed practice. You don’t need to do complete tests all the time. Videos are good for practice because:

they are often easier to follow

they are more interesting – being interested is good!

often they come with transcripts so you can read along – that too can be good practice

These videos are not hosted on this site.

Sentence/summary completion listening practice

A living wage

Listen to Peter and fill in the blanks with UP TO 3 WORDS – that means 1, 2 or 3 words.

A living wage


1. Peter Cooke first heard about how to become living wage employer  _______ .

2. He then did some _________ research.

3. He also wanted to make sure his staff were paid a ________ wage unlike his father.


Get some help

1. Where do you hear things?

2. What sort of word do we need? (adjective? Noun? Verb?)

3. What sort of word do we need? (adjective? Noun? Verb?)


See the answers

1. on the radio

2. background

3 decent


Listen to Marla and fill in the blanks with UP TO 3 WORDS – that means 1, 2 or 3 words.

Marla Spivak on bees – you only need to listen for the first 3 minutes or so – you can also read the transcript there


1. Bee pollination is necessary in the production of over ___________ of the world’s crops
2. Some growers put colonies of bumblebees in _____________ to help pollinate tomatoes.
3. The world has more than 20,000 __________ of bees.
4. The bees that most attracts people are  _____________


Get some help

1. This is probably a number

2. Look at the word “in” – we probably need a place

3. Listen for the word 20,000

4. You can guess that this a type of bee


See the answers

1. one third

2. (the) greenhouses

3. species

4. honeybees (note you need the plural form after are)

Model cars

Listen to Larry and answer these question using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER

1.To make a Corvette Larry would find a real car and then ___________ it.

2. After drawing the car he would make a pattern which is a _______ of the real car.

3. Larry uses ______________ a lot to get the dimensions an measurements of the car.

4. The hot wheels are on a one to __________ scale.

Note that all the words you write down are words you hear and they must complete the sentence in a grammatical way.


Get some help

You write down the words you hear

1. You need a verb here

2. This must be a countable noun following “a”

3. This is going to be a noun – what might you use to measure something

4. This is going to be a number.


See the answers

1. measure (be careful with spelling

2. model

3. mathematics

4. 64/sixty four

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