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One of the new features I have added to the blog is a new website of the week feature. You’ll find here the sites I use with my students and they all come with my personal recommendation. If some of them don’t seem IELTS specific – don’t worry. IELTS is not just about exam skills, it is also about good English skills and knowledge in general.

My first recommended website is Movie segments to address grammar goals. It is about using films to improve and practise grammar.
Why do I like it?

  1. It’s very well put together and the tasks are excellent. It isn’t written for students, but it can be used by you.
  2. It’s fun. This is important to me. If a task is fun, you are going to get the most out of it, your brain is likely to be working much better than on a task that is dull. Grammar and fun are not 2 words you normally find together.
  3. There are lots of materials here. You can come back time and again.
  4. It shows you how you can use everyday materials to really use English – this is something I am very keen on. The best learners are those who use everything to hand.
Try it
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