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Recommended Website – UEfAP

I hate IELTS
On my Twitter profile I say: “I hate IELTS”. Do I? In a way, yes. Let me explain briefly why.
It is very easy for both teachers and students alike to become so obsessed with the exam itself that learning the language becomess at best a secondary goal. Indeed, I used to make a speciality of training students to excel in exams by focussing almost entirely on exam skills and not the language. I was pretty successful at it as well. Recently, however, I have heard of some of my “successes” who got their score in IELTS, but then failed to cope at university afterwards: their English just wasn’t good enough for their course. Passing IELTS can be the start and not the end of your problems.

Recommended website – UEfAP
This leads me onto my latest recommended website: UEfAP which stands for Using English for Academic Purposes. It isn’t an IELTS website as such, but it is just the sort of website that any IELTS candidate interested in going to university should be very interested in. If you have good academic English skills, IELTS will only take a little specialist training. In contrast, you can pass IELTS and fail completely with academic English at university. UEfAP will – I promise – help you with IELTS, but it will also help you with life after IELTS.
Why I like it
It is top quality and it covers the 4 skills with an extra section on vocabulary learning.
The writing section is particularly excellent and has useful interactive exercises.
Are you new here?
If so, can I suggest you check out the other recommended website links? They are all about the skills needed to improve your English. My IELTS specific links (and there are lots of them) are hosted on my website.
Take a look at it.
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