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Essay Map – recommended website

When you plan an IELTS essay what are you trying to achieve? Some people stop at the idea of thinking of ideas, for them that’s enough. I’m going to suggest you should be doing a little more: namely thinking about how your ideas fit together so that you writing becomes more coherent. One tool to help you think about this is this week’s recommended website is Essay Map. It not only helps you structure an essay, it can also how write more coherent paragraphs.

Video tutorial

Untitled from Dominic Cole on Vimeo.

An exercise
If you want an exercise, I suggest this. Take an IELTS essays you have already written and see if its structure fits the program. if it doesn’t, you need to think again about how you structure an essay.
  1. Look at your introduction: are there main ideas there relating to the question?
  2. Look at your main body paragraphs: can you find the main ideas and supporting details
  3. Look at your conclusion: does it summarise main ideas? Does it link back to your topic paragraphs? Does it inform the reader?

Other resources
You may also be interested to look at and download this essay outline and think about the questions I ask on it. It’s purpose is to show you how an essay fits together.

IELTS Essay Outline IELTS Essay Outline Dominic Cole

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2 Responses to Essay Map – recommended website

  1. Valeriy Kucherenko August 12, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Hi Dominic. First of all I would like to use this chance and thank you for the good job done on this web site. It is an outstanding resource with a lot of useful information on IELTS for students like me.

    I have come across this posting and found out neither video is currently available. Could you check the video above and the link to Essay Map, since non of them works? Thank you in advance

    • Dominic Cole November 14, 2010 at 4:47 pm #


      Sorry about that. Hopefully, the document is sorted now. I’ll need to re-record the video. Please let me know if you find any more broken links.

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