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A great language school


This site is mostly directed at people who are studying by themselves but that is not the only way to learn and a language school is one excellent option. Here is one language school I recommend and why

ILS English - Nottingham UK


What ILS English can do for you

There are several reasons why I recommend ILS English. In outline they are:

1. The people there are great (I know as I used to work there)- and being among good people is good for learning

2. It's a very personal place - somewhere where they will look after you as an individual - it's a typical family business

3. They are super professional - check out their website to get an idea of this

4. They have course at all levels and you'll be working with people at your level

5. They don't just do IELTS - they also look after your general English and that's going to help your IELTS score, trust me

6. They look after your welfare too - it can be tough living in a foreign country (I know - I've done it). They don't just have a great accommodation service, they also help with lots more.

7. The most efficient way to learn a language is to live in the country where it's used

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