Top Tips for IELTS

IELTS task one – make your own bar chart


Read this report on a bar chart and then try and make the bar chart yourself on Microsoft Excel.

Think about numbers

Find all the numbers in the report. To do this you need to read carefully – about 50% is not the same as 50% and sometimes I describe numbers in words.

The report

This bar chart shows the results of a survey on whether people in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales stayed in hotels, caravans, campsites or self-catering accommodation when they went on holiday in 2010.

The most striking feature of the chart is that in all four countries the majority of people chose to stay in hotels. This figure was highest in England at around 55%, almost twice the number of people who cooked for themselves (27% of the sample) and far greater than the number who stayed in campsites (12%) and finally caravans (6%). A similar pattern was repeated for the Scots and the Welsh. In each case, around 50% of holidaymakers went to hotels with around 30% in self-catering apartments. The one difference being that caravan holidays at 12% were twice as popular than camping holidays in Scotland, while the opposite pattern could be seen in Wales. The one country that shows a different pattern is Northern Ireland. It is notable how there just over 30% of the population chose caravan holidays in preference to self-catering accommodation and camping (both around 12%).


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