Top Tips for IELTS

IELTS writing skills

These lessons have practical ideas to help you improve your IELTS writing skills.

How to write IELTS essays

Exam essays are different. These lessons look at ways to improve the way you write in the exam room. It is sometimes about the writing process.


Advice on when and how to check your writing and what to check for

IELTS writing – editing general suggestions about how, when and what to check for

An essay writing checklist: a downloadable checklist that helps ensure you write according to the band score criteria


A collection of articles on how to improve the coherence and cohesion of your writing

An introduction to coherence – a simple introduction to what coherence is

Essay coherence 1 – an explanation of how coherence works with a commentary on a sample essay.

Paragraph coherence 1 – an explanation with examples of how to make your paragraphs more coherent using a PEE model

Paragraph coherence 2 – some tips on how to make your paragraphs more coherent with a step-by-step tutorial

Paragraph coherence 3 – a lesson showing how you can improve your coherence by counting the ideas in each paragraph

Conditionals and coherence – how to make your writing more coherent by using conditionals: examples and a quiz

Linking your paragraphs in essays: advice on how to use topic sentences to link your paragraphs together


An introduction to cohesion – a step-by-step guide to making your writing more cohesive with a exercise to download

Improve your cohesion and avoid repetition – examples of useful language to improve your linking and stop repeating words

Spelling and punctuation

Spelling and IELTS – a test and some tips – advice on how to improve your spelling with an interactive spelling test

Sentences and full stops: video tutorial with exercises on using sentences to improve the coherence of your writing


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