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This is a quick lesson on one little but very useful word – indeed. Its correct usage can really help both your spoken and written English. It helps with

linking ideas together

being emphatic

To introduce an additional and connected point – supporting main ideas

This use is great for writing when you want to explain and combine ideas. Look at this example. You have these ideas about cars and pollution.

more cars = environmental problem = needs urgent action = government raise tax = control threat

It might be possible to write all this in one sentence. But sometimes it’s better to make your main idea clearer by using a shorter sentence and then add the detailed explanation in a second sentence. This is where indeed can help. You write one short topic sentence:

The increase of cars has led to significant environmental problems that need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency .

Then you add a second sentence explaining that idea by giving a little more detail

Indeed, it is possible to argue that governments should immediately raise taxation on fuel and car sales to try and control this threat. 

How to use it

When used like this it is normally the first word in the sentence and is followed by a comma.

Keep your main ideas clear and introduce supporting detail in a second sentence with indeed

Emphasise something is true

A slightly different usage is when you want to emphasise something is true – here it is roughly the same as really but is much more formal and more appropriate to written English generally.  Look at these examples:

The number of cars on the road is indeed a problem and the government needs to take urgent action.

The number of fathers who choose to stay at home to look after the children is indeed surprising.

How to use it

Once again this usage is quite formal and more typical of written English.

Used with very to add emphasis

This use is different again. Here indeed is used in combination with very to add emphasis.

I had a very good time indeed

It’s a very useful book indeed

Thank you very much indeed for letting me stay with you. [letter writing phrase]

How to use it

This is much less formal and can be used both in speaking and less formal letters.

More detailed explanations

This is just an outline of its main uses. If you want more information and examples I suggest you try:

Indeed – Macmillan Dictionary – better for how it is used

Indeed – Oxford Living Dictionaries – great for examples

Other related lessons

If you found this helpful you might also check out this lesson on actually and in fact – two more little words that can make a big difference.

actually and in fact


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