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Furthermore and moreover

This a quick lesson on how to use two of the most common linking words in written English

furthermore and moreover

They are quite simple words but they do go wrong. This is mostly because they get used too much. Please do use them but please don’t use them so much that you forget all the other ways to link your writing together.

Take a quick quiz to see what you know

This is a simple quiz to help you understand how Furthermore and Moreover are used to link sentences together.

If you had any problems try this video where I explain the basics:

Now test your skills

The idea behind these exercises is to show you that Furthermore and Moreover should be used with care. You need to understand how sentences link together and that these words are only used when we adding another point. You may need other linkers if the connection is different.

Top tip

Always ask yourself how your sentences fit together before you write. This normally just means asking 

  • am I adding a point?
  • am I giving a  reason?
  • am I saying something different?

It’s surprising how many mistakes you can avoid that way.

Some more notes

In this post I have treated Furthermore and Moreover identically. It is sometimes argued that they are subtly different and you may want to check this post out.

I don’t use these words very often in my own writing. Why? They are really quite formal and I believe that there is almost always a better alternative. If you are an IELTS person you may want to consider the fact that the linking of your writing should not be too obvious to get a high score in coherence and cohesion. These words are very obvious!

This is personal. If you did the exercise you will see that I very much dislike using Furthermore and Moreover in listing paragraphs. This is because they can confuse. The idea is that it should be immediately clear how your sentences link together.

Can these words be used at the start of a paragraph? It does happen but I don’t like it and so I don’t teach it!

Can these words be used in the middle of sentences? Yes, this happens too but it involves the use of a  semi-colon and that complicates things. I’m trying to keep things simple and show you the language I use.


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  1. Hazem Zayter November 10, 2014 at 11:19 pm #

    Very good distinguish of use and non use of “Furthermore & Moreover”

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