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This is where I post my daily word exercises. All the words are taken from the Academic Word List – the most useful source of vocabulary for IELTS essays.

My exercises are unique because they show you how these words are used.  Why? All these words are common words – the problem is not what they mean but how they are used.

Learn vocabulary the right way

Much the best way to learn vocabulary is to do a little but often. Don’t try to learn 10 words at a time once a week, you are likely to learn very little.  Much better is to learn words every day of the week.

My latest exercise and how to get more daily word exercises

Today’s word of the day exercise is



This is obviously a key word and idea for all academic IELTS people in task 1. You should note though that the word is also useful in task 2 essays. When you write about society you are also likely to write about what is happening there – the trends. Look at these common essay phrases and then decide how you might rewrite and improve them using the word trend.

More and more young people are taking drugs.

A lot of people nowadays share a car when they drive to work.

The government needs to stop so many young professionals going to work abroad.

See my answers

A worrying trend is the rise in young people who take drugs.

A recent trend is how people share a car when they drive to work.

The government needs to reverse the trend of young professionals going to work abroad.

Forms of the word

trend [normally just a noun but occasionally used as a verb.]

Using the word

worrying/alarming/disturbing: One alarming trend is how more and more children carry knives to protect themselves.

underlying/general/overall/long-term  trend: Despite this rise in October the underlying trend was downward. [You should always look for the big picture in task 1 academic and this will give you the underlying/overall trend. BUT you should note that you can ONLY talk about trends when you have a time based chart/graph.]

current/latest/recent trend: A current trend is for many young people to go straight into work and not go to university.

a trend towards/toward: There is now a growing trend towards the manufacture of environmental friendly building materials. [There is no real difference between towards and toward. The British do tend to use towards more often though.]

a trend in: One recent trend in publishing is for authors to self-publish.

set the trend: While the iWatch may not be the first smartwatch, it is likely to set the trend moving forward.

to reverse/buck the trend: It is probably impossible to reverse this trend of people deciding to retire early.

is trending on Twitter: Andy Murray is currently trending on Twitter after his success at Wimbledon. [This use of the word as a verb is almost only used for Twitter!]



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