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Learn IELTS by Skype with an expert tutor

Annabelle is a great person and a true IELTS expert. Read the details below and you’ll see what I mean. I really don’t think that you’ll find a better option and if you’re in Tel Aviv then she also runs face to face courses there.



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My teaching style in 140 characters:

In a short time,I help ALL my students to  reach  their IELTS goals in speaking and writing.
I work on improving people’s confidence, exam skills and their English.

What my students say:

“The thing I liked from  the first lesson was your voice and speaking style….this made for easy listening.
The other things that  impressed me were your supportiveness, your psychological  work  and ability to  make the lessons interesting.
Also I found the lessons challenging. Thank  you again. ”


Skype speaking sessions
Skype writing tutorials
On-line marking and guidance for IELTS essays


IELTS examination training- Speaking and Writing

Both the CELTA and the Teaching Diploma, Dip TEFLA.
16 years full time teaching with the BRITISH COUNCIL.
3 years on-line teaching.

Location and time zone:



Sunday through Thursday.

How to  find me:

 IELTS General Module Course in Jerusalem and Tel aviv

When: Friday morning
Where: The offices of The Maple Leaf Immigration Agency, Tel- Aviv
How long: 6 weeks
How many students: 10
Teacher: Annabelle IELTS
Further information:

The Maple Leaf Immigration agency is hosting an IELTS course for their clients and the public.
The aims of the course are:-
• To understand the structure of the test
• To know what the examiners expect
• To improve listening and reading skills that are useful
• To improve your grammar
• To add to your range of appropriate words and phrases
• To overall make you feel more comforatble with and more confident about the test.


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    • Dominic Cole November 6, 2014 at 11:59 am #

      Please do not leave emails here. That is not good for privacy. Please contact Annabelle directly.

  2. OKEKE UDOKA July 10, 2015 at 6:46 pm #

    i need help to achieve a 7.5 band score in writing. i have tried up to 8 times and each time i get other modules up to 7 and above but writing remains 6.5 and below. really getting frustrated

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