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Julia – writing and speaking via Skype

Here is a tutor after my own heart. IELTS can be horribly boring. IELTS does not need to be horribly boring. It can really help to find someone who can liven up IELTS for you – it makes for a much better learning process.


Julia julia


My teaching style in 140 characters:

  • I get to know my students and try to organise our lessons around them. Getting ready for an exam does not mean having boring lessons!

This is what my students say:

  • denis
    It was great discussion about history. Thanks!
    Thanks Julia! I am very pleased with our sessions. Thank you for your patience and attention! You help me a lot.
    I have very good mood after conversation, thank you, Julia!
    very nice conversation, thank you, Julia!


  • IELTS preparation via  Skype

Experience and qualifications:

  • FCE (Pass B), CAE (Pass B), CPE (Pass C)
  • 8 years experience in teaching General English and 5 years in Exam English
  • CELTA and DELTA qualified

Location and time zone:

  • Durham, the United Kingdom
  • GMT


  • Monday to Friday

How to find me:

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3 Responses to Julia – writing and speaking via Skype

  1. IeltsChampio April 7, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    Hi All,

    I am preparing for IELTS exam, for now i am preparing on writing section. I read all the tips and trice and then took up the Gender essay first one. Wrote the essay and checked to see if all the points got covered,
    but how do i get this essay written by me evaluated by experienced IELTS trainer?

    Is there a place where i can post and get it evaluated?

  2. Azza May 6, 2013 at 1:46 am #

    I sat for the IELTS exam last month 18th April. I got an overall score only 6.0 with below details :
    Listening 4.5
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 6
    Speaking 7.5
    I need it for graduate studies (required score is 6.5 , with minimum 6.0 in each part), I have to retake it but before doing that i need to improve my skills especially the listening and reading parts. pls help/advice

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