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Help with academic test writing and speaking

How do you improve your writing? A good place to start is by knowing where you are going wrong and revising your writing intelligently. You need a teacher to help you with this but the most effective correction is normally self-correction. This is where a tutor like Kurt can really help. To see what else he can offer you take a look at jobs excellent websites.

Kurt of Academic Test Writing/Speaking



My teaching style:

For writing: Dispelling writing misconceptions, writing independently, and  adding academic content.

For Speaking: Understanding question types, responding naturally, building confidence, reacting like a native speaker, and reducing non-native speaker English.  

My services:

Writing: The service centers on helping you to develop independently as a writer . To achieve this, you must learn how to revise your own writing, with of course instructive input and feedback  from a tutor. I can help you develop autonomy as a writer by using a two-stage revision method. What this means is that the first revision highlights the type of errors you make but doesn’t correct them (this is the stage where you improve as a writer through self-correction: Students correct 50-80% of errors when they have it pointed out to them). Stage two provides a full revision with corrections, advice, and model examples.

Speaking: The service focuses on common questions types on the exam and how to respond. In an audio file, you will respond to these questions and receive feedback on what you need to specifically correct.  Included in the tutoring, will be 7 key discourse strategies that can help to make you sound like a native speaker.



Experience and qualifications:

  • 6 years tutoring for IELTS
  • University academic support instructor for 7 years

Location and time zone:

  • Busan, South Korea
  • +9 GMT (Seoul, Tokyo, Southern Australia)

How my online service works

  • Emails replied to within 12-24 hours.
  • Writing returned within 24-48 hours.
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    good morning sir
    my name is gursharn singh from india, i need your help to improve my writing and speaking.
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