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How can you excel in IELTS?

This is a selection of IELTS study tips from one of my more regular readers – Zara – on how to excel in IELTS. Why do I think you should read them? Well, Zara already has band score 8.0 or above in reading, listening and speaking. That is very impressive – a tiny minority of non-native speakers ever reach that level and so she must be doing something right! For me, she is an excellent model.

I also happen to agree with everything she says. To comment on and summarise some of her ideas:

  • it is not always enough to focus on exam tricks – especially if you are looking for a high band score. Think about language too: IELTS is a test of language after all. Zara has asked me a number of highly intelligent questions about little things such as any difference between “regards” and “regarding”. Thinking about details like this is the sign of a great learner.
  • do find things that you enjoy doing – your brain is much more likely to “learn” that way. It will be engaged and engagement is good for learning.
  • do think about trying to find a study partner – that’s what my new forum is all about

Enough of me. Now read Zara:

IELTS as a Major Hurdle Task- How Can I Excel in IELTS?

Undoubtedly, IELTS has become a nightmare for so many out there who have taken it many more times than we can imagine! I’ve come across some people who faced this situation and are extremely desperate now to get the score they want. I would suggest that if you are planning to take the test soon or are facing the similar situation of attempting it twice or thrice, you need to stop for a while and reflect for a moment to try to read behind the lines. Luck can only be blamed once or twice for bad results or may be it was the examiner who wouldn’t have been kind enough!!! But I think it’s time now to express some willingness to face the reality, here is probably a better solution that might be a bit painful and time taking, but it will ensure you the results you are seeking!

Work Out your Weak Areas First Instead of Making Numerous Test Attempts

IELTS is such a tricky exam, which tests your academic skills in addition to your exam skills. So I think learning the tricks of how to do the test smartly is not going to be enough unless one builds his/her expertise in the language itself.

Working out the weaker areas and giving a try to improve those weaknesses would help more instead of desperate efforts of trying the luck and wasting heaps of money. You have to realize that luck cannot always be blamed.

Seek the Enjoyment While Preparing For the Test

I think this doesn’t require explanation that we learn the best when we are engaged and interested. So you are the best judge of yourself. Pick up topics to study which spark your interest,they sure would last in your memory. Don’t make it a laborious effort, which you are forced to do, instead think how much it’s going to pay you in the future. IELTS is sure a step to reach your dreams and is a door to so many opportunities out there. Also try to imagine, how much contribution is it going to make in raising your confidence level if you are seriously working on improving your language skills!!!

Try to Find a Partner or Do Group Study

In my opinion, you can better prepare when studying with a partner with the same or higher level of capabilities. It will keep you motivated and more alert. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any partner and felt quite bored. I’m sure that it helps as two people are able to share strategies, can give constructive feedback to each other and can create a healthy competitive atmosphere. You are more likely to make a conscious effort to meet the deadlines for the set tasks like writing essays or reading articles.

Do you have ideas to share?

If you have ideas to share about IELTS, drop me a line and I will get your thoughts published. I think it can help other candidates to read about other people’s stories.

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