Top Tips for IELTS

IELTS tips


IELTS preparation tips

8 ways to pass IELTS: general IELTS tips on how to prepare for the exam

10 tips on what to do and what not to do on exam day: these IELTS tips are ideas for what you should do on the day of the test itself

13 lucky tips to avoid stress: stress is you enemy in IELTS. Here Is suggest some ways to overcome it.

Exam preparation – timing – advice on how to practise when preparing for the exam in reading and writing

Tips from successful candidates – sometimes it helps not to listen to teachers but to people who have actually taken the test itself!

IELTS tips


10 writing tips: some basic dos and don’ts for the writing test

More advanced writing tips: if you’re advanced candidate but are still having problems, the answer may be somewhere here


10 tips for IELTS reading: some basic dos and don’ts for the reading test

Read the question: rule number 1

How to use key words: how to use the key words approach in IELTS reading


10 listening tips: some basic dos and don’ts for the listening test

How to avoid mistakes: video advice on avoiding mistakes by reading the whole question and how to practise

How to listen for numbers: video advice on listening for numbers

How to listen for key words: interactive exercise

Read the question: rule number 1


20 speaking tips: some basic dos and don’ts for the speaking test

Language skills

Improve your spelling: 10 ways to improve your spelling for IELTS


How to improve your IELTS vocabulary – 10 top tips

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