Top Tips for IELTS

IELTS speaking part 2 guide

Tips for part 2

Learn to speak long enough and extend your answer

Some people find it hard to get to 2 minutes. It’s important that you do as this is a large part of your fluency score. Don’t be obsessed by this as you practise before the test, rather learn to speak for longer and longer. Start with one minute if you like and build up. This is where speaking to yourself and recording yourself can really help.

The key point to understand is that you can talk about more than is on the cue card you get. This means you can:

  • add detail
  • make comparisons


Learn how to use your one minute preparation time

There are different things you can do in your preparation time and you should practise to see what works for you. In this lesson I discuss 5 different things you can do in your preparation time. Try them out. See what works. A lot of people try to make notes but you may just try and see a picture. One key tip is just to make sure that you choose the right thing to talk about – something you can expand on.

Try different approaches 

There are different ways you can talk in this part and I suggest you try to find what works best for you. You need to think about your skills and how to approach different questions.

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