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Meet Ben Worthington, an old acquaintance from

A few years ago we spoke on this podcast about IELTS Speaking Skills, specifically reflective listening and how it can help boost your score.

After the interview we spoke about why I sometimes say “I hate IELTS”.

The reason being is that the exam can push students to study “exam skills” rather than “language skills”.

However, most experienced tutors know that to pass the exam you actually need both skills.

After our talk, Ben mentioned that he was working on an online IELTS course and wanted to make sure that it covered both exam and language skills in order to ensure the highest possibility of passing.

Finally after a very long time testing and refining the course he managed to develop his flagship course “IELTS Sentence Guide”.

This course is ideal if you are preparing for yourself and need results.

OR if you have attempted the exam numerous times and just can’t seem to get the grade.

Also, if you just need a very practical straightforward way to get ideas and structure your thoughts in a coherent IELTS essay.

Check out the course here:

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