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The science behind learning to read more quickly

This is a guest post from Chassie Lee of 7 Speed Reading. Do take a look at it because I know that many IELTS candidates have problems with getting the texts read in time. The idea is that learning to read more quickly requires the training of specific skills – and the elimination of bad habits such as subvocalisation (that’s silently saying the word as you read it).  The trouble is that if you get into these bad habits – you need help to get out of them.
7 Speed Reading do of course want you to buy their product. It’s a product I endorse and am happy to advertise from my site. It is completely right for the times we live in – computer technology can really help you and, having tried the software myself, I think that this is an excellent product and can really help IELTS candidates. There is a science to learning to read quickly and this software is a great way to learn it.
7 speed reading


Proven Secrets to Success with the Help of 7 Speed Reading™

Speed reading is an essential skill in the information-centered societies we all live in. Without sound reading skills, it’s hard to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new information you’re process and use on a daily basis.

Today, success is not as much defined by who you know but by how much you know. Those people who can stay ahead of the information game are the ones with the most influence over others. To know more is to be capable of more, and each piece of new information helps you to move on to learn another piece.

Speed reading helps you handle this torrent of information, and 7 Speed Reading™ uses cutting-edge technology to offer essential features that make learning to speed read an easy process.

Developed by experts in the science of speed reading

With 7 Speed Reading™ you get to learn from the very best. The software has been developed based on the knowledge and expertise of professionals in the theory and practice of speed reading, and the dedication of the development team ensures the software meets or exceeds industry standards.

To confirm this level of quality, eReflect guarantees the results. Using feedback and test results, the company confirms that users can expect to be able to read up to 3.4 times faster than their current average speed.

Removes bad reading habits before teaching positive ones

One of the reasons that this reading speed improvement software is so successful is because it starts out by helping the user eliminate all bad reading habits before educating them on the best ways to boost reading pace.

Counterproductive habits such as subvocalization, regression, limited eye fixation, compromised information processing, and comprehension lag are all corrected to ensure both a substantial boost in reading speed and an improved ability to read and retain information.

All-inclusive approach to speed reading efficiency

The structured design and comprehensive guided training material ensure that your speed reading efficiency covers all major domains: reading speed, reading comprehension, and memory acuity. Unlike other programs that cover only one or two of these areas, 7 Speed Reading™ uses an integrated approach for better, sustainable results.

Step-by-step support through video tutorials

Learning to speed read can be a lonesome and even frightening process, especially for people who have had difficulty reading in the past. This fear is addressed and eliminated in the software by giving full support through personal help and the many video tutorials that make sure the user achieves great reading speed while sustaining their comprehension levels at 94% to 98%.

The comprehensive approach to speed reading, the emphasis on eliminating bad habits before learning good ones, and the personal tutor giving the user step-by-step instructions are all aspects of the software that virtually guarantee a one-to-one learning efficiency curve for the user. The innovative combination of all these factors help the user learn to read up to more than three times faster than their current pace, and therefore enjoy the benefits of speed reading. Anyone wanting to save time and stay ahead of the competition will benefit from using this software.

About the Author: Chassie Lee is the Content Expert for eReflect – creator of  7 Speed Reading which is currently being used by tens of thousands of happy customers in over 110 countries.




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