Top Tips for IELTS

IELTS reading guide

Learn about IELTS reading questions

Each of these tutorials gives you a suggest approach for each question:

multiple choice

 true false not given 

matching headings and paragraphs

text completion


matching features 

matching information and paragraphs

matching sentence endings

Exam length reading practice exercises (updated and revised)

true false not given 

multiple choice

matching sentence endings

matching features

Exam tips

Advice on how to prepare for the IELTS reading paper and how to improve your reading skills:

10 top reading tips – what to do and what not to in the exam and in preparing for the test

IELTS reading – time management – advice on how to manage your time in the test and how much time you should on one question

Exam preparation – timing – advice on how to prepare for the exam and how to use your time

Answering the question – a short example of how to read the question

IELTS reading – how to use key words – advice on what to do and what not to do when looking for key words in IELTs reading

Map of the IELTS reading test

IELTS reading guide

Learn about reading skills

Advice on understanding the 3 specific reading skills: scanning, skimming and close reading

the 3 skills of reading

Learn how to guess answers

Everyone needs to guess answers sometimes. It can be a skill too.

How to guess answers in IELTS reading

Skimming/reading for general meaning

Skimming is the ability to read a text quickly for general meaning. You need this skill to help you with question types that relate to big bits of the text such as paragraph/heading matching:

Do I need to read the whole text first in IELTS? – the quick answer is yes you should. Read this lesson for an explanation why.
A technique to improve your skimming skills: a tutorial with practice reading showing you a practical way to read a text quickly for meaning

Scanning/finding words

Scanning is the ability to find key words in the text.

You need this skill to help tell you where the answer comes

IELTS scanning skills introduction – don’t start at the beginning and don’t read from right to left
More about scanning – sectioning the text

Close reading for detail

The third main IELTS reading skill is learning to read closely for meaning.

You need this skill to tell you what the answer is.

How to deal with harder words in IELTS reading: suggestions for different reading strategies to cope with unfamiliar vocabulary in IELTS reading passages.

How to improve your reading skills

This lesson shows you 15 different ways you can practise your reading skills. The ideas are:

to read as much as you can

don’t just do practise tests

focus your reading

get used to dealing with harder texts

vary how you read

15 ways to improve your IELTS reading skills

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