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Listening to directions on a map – compass points

This is another practice lesson for listening to directions on a map. In it I briefly talk you through problems when you get a map with a compass point and the directions you are given do not follow a path. One suggestion is to identify landmarks and the other is to be ready to listen out for directions such as “to the North”.

Reading the map – looking for landmarks

This first time you see a map you should look for major landnarks as these will very likely be used in the description of the map. In this case, the three landmarks are:

  • the lake
  • the river
  • the golf course

You may also look for other details that may help you find your way. Here you see

  • various labelled buildings
  • roads
  • some trees

Reading the map -seeing the compass

If you see a compass on the map, then you can reasonably expect that the listening will use points of the compass (North, South, East and West) in the description. Forewarned is forearmed. You should be ready for slightly more advanced compass point phrases such as:

“to the north of”

“slightly west of”

“n the south west”

It is also quite possible if you see a compass that the directions you are given will not be given in the form of a tour – where you need to trace a route – rather the directions will move from one part of the map to another.



Read the questions

Listen to the recording and match the letters A- F marked on the map to these items:

  • Suggested new site for the swimming pool
  • Suggested site for the information office
  • Suggested new site for the cafe
  • Suggested site for the tennis courts
  • Suggested new site for the picnic area
  • Suggested new site for the gift shop







Note: you will see that some of these places are already marked on the map. This means that you need to listen carefully. The “key word” in the question is not so much “swimming pool” as “new”


See the answers and read the transcript

See the answers


A  Suggested new site for the gift shop

B   Suggested site for the information office

C   Suggested site for the tennis courts

D  Suggested new site for the picnic area

E  Suggested new site for the swimming pool

F  Suggested new site for the cafe


So Bryan I’ve had a look at your proposed plan for the park and I think we may need to make some alterations – I’m not convinced that the lay out is quite right. I think we should keep some of the same facilities – we just need to relocate them a little. Let me talk you through how I would change things around.

First of all, I see you have the car park to the west of the site a little way from the main entrance to the north. That’s fine. I do think though that it makes sense to move the gift shop to plot next to the main entranceopposite where the café is now and just before the lake (A). That way all the paying customers will see the shop – as it is I think many may just not see it down that road on the east side.

Next up. There may be problems with having the swimming pool right next to the river – I can foresee all sorts of health and safety issues there. It makes sense to keep it in the same neighbourhood, but I would move it a little to the north and west further away from the river (E). I also think that we should place the cafe next to the new site for the swimming pool right at the end of the path (F) – it would make a good place for people to sit and relax after a long walk.

What else? Ah yes. The picnic area. It’s currently a little bit in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be better placed next to the trees where the swimming pool currently is (D)? It would be much more scenic if it people could picnic among the trees.

Can I also suggest some more facilities? Firstly, how about an information office? My feeling is that this probably is best sited fairly near the main entrance – people will then to know what they can find when they enter the park. My idea is that we put it in the centre of the park more or less opposite the lake (B). That way everyone should be able to find it.

Also most parks nowadays aren’t complete with some sports facilities. I’m not a sure a swimming pool is enough and the golf course is really off site. Tennis is a growing sport and I’d say a perfect spot for some tennis courts would be to the south east of the site on the bank of the river (C)`

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