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IELTS part 1 listening practice: a festival

This is a listening in the format of part 1 for IELTS. The questions types you will hear are in multiple choice format and filling in a form. At this stage of the listening, you should be aiming for 100% as the listenings get harder as you go along. However, there are traps at this stage and it can be quite easy to make mistakes – particularly in the form filling where you are practising 2 skills: listening and writing at the same time.


Points to note – multiple choice format

The order of the questions follows the listening script: so you will hear answer 2 after answer 1 and before 3.This does not mean though that you will hear variation A before variation C.

It often happens that you will hear all 3 answers in the listening and that you will only choose the correct variation if you listen to the end. So be careful to keep listening all the way through. Do not mark an answer correct, the moment you hear a matching word in the listening.

The problem with key words

Before you listen, the normal advice is to read the questions carefully and underline key words. As with the reading, this can work but only if you are very careful:

  1. the word you hear and the one that gives you the answer may not be exactly the same as the word in the question
  2. very frequently, you will hear “key words” for all the answers. You can only select the right variation if you continue to listen and understand everything that is said

My best advice is to focus on the whole question and not just key words in the question. You can never be sure what the key words are until you have heard them.

Filling in a form

This is a very common question type and you need to be prepared. Before you listen, note what sort of words you need to write down. In particular, be prepared for

  1. spelling a name (you will need to write quickly here, notes are no good)
  2. sometimes names are spelled in strange ways in English, so keep listening
  3. numbers. These are often said quite quickly and it is easy to miss one

The listening

[audio:|titles=Festival listening – part 1]

Question sheet

Festival listening part 1 - questions (38597)

Answer sheet

Festival listening part 1 - answers and tapescript (23088)

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