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Free IELTS listening and reading tests

Here is is another highly recommended IELTS resource website with free and high quality listening and reading practice tests. Sadly, not everything you find on the internet is great. This is. The site is produced by Oxford University Press, one of the major publishers of English language books. It is:

Masterclass – a complete reading and listening test

One reason why I recommend this site to you is that you can download the tests and do them on paper. This may not be as fun as doing the online and interactive tests but they are much more useful as practice.

Two practical tips

Reading:When you are doing the reading, underline key words in the text with your pencil. Don’t rely on your memory. In the exam, you will be under pressure and you have to process a lot of information. This means that you will find it difficult to remember how the text is organised if you do not underline key words.  You cannot do this on the computer.

Listening: Download the question paper and listening answer sheet, before you do this test. A lot of the difficulty in the listening is:

  • writing down the answers as you listen
  • transferring those answers to the answer sheet with correct spelling

Again, online tests do not allow you to do this. You can find the download site for the answer sheets on the front page of my website. This is (though I say it myself) another excellent resource.

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