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The way I started this site a few years ago was as a way of directing my class to what I thought were the best places on the net to learn about IELTS – it’s not always the case that the best places are the easiest to find. And, well, if you haven’t found Ben Worthington’s IELTS Podcast, you should get over there right away. The cool thing is that on one site you get to hear great advice from many of the great and good of the online IELTS world – and beyond!

How it works and what you will find there

Ben sits down and interviews a language expert over Skype. Each interview is slightly different: some take the form of mini online tutorials, some are simply full of good advice, some come with quizzes and some focus on one aspect of learning English.From my point of view, the best part of the podcast is that it looks at the whole IELTS process from learning the language, what to do in the exam and how to apply to foreign universities after the exam. Among the goodies you can find there are:

a tutorial on pie charts

how to write a discursive essay

what not to do when applying to a foreign university

tips on how impress an IELTS examiner – from an ex_IELTS examiner

how to improve your speaking skills in 22 minutes

constructing the perfect IELTS essay

How can it work for you?

This is a great language learning resource. Ben gives you a written summary of each interview and then you can download the podcast to listen to at your leisure.

Great information and advice:

This bit should be obvious. Ben has managed to track down and record the thoughts of some of the very best IELTS people around. Better than that he gets to ask them all the right questions and give you the (carefully edited no doubt!) highlights. Just a few of the people you can listen to are:

  • Berni of Gapfillers
  • Ryan of IELTSIELTS and (Youtube)
  • Patrick of IELTStestOnline
  • The communciation experts of

Listening practice:

This part should be obvious too. One of the best ways to improve your listening skills is to practise your listening and the best things to listen to are tings which you have an active interest in.

What you should do now

Simple. Get to IELTS podcast, browse through the podcasts there and sign up for the next podcasts which will drop conveniently into your inbox.



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  1. Chi July 18, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    Thanks a lot for many useful information from your website! It’s a big help ^ ^

  2. July 20, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    Wonderful! I’m glad that those who pass the IELTS are helping others too. Thanks Dominic! Your blog is the best.


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