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IELTS healthcare for children essay

This is one of my model essay resource lessons where you can

  • get notes on how to approach the essay
  • read a model essay
  • practise using the essay vocabulary

Quick notes on the essay structure

It is important that you discuss both points of view in your essay even if you decide one point of view is better than the other. The logical approach is to use one main paragraph for

  • why the government might take responsibility
  • why parents might take responsibility

It is also important that you give your own personal opinion as the question asks you to do this. I suggest you do this

  • in the introduction so that the examiner knows what your point of view is throughout the essay
  • in the conclusion which should mirror your introduction

I also suggest that you use personal opinion phrases to make it clear that this is what you think. Do not feel that you can only use impersonal language.

Read the healthcare for children essay

Some people say that parents should decide on what kind of medical care their children should receive, while others believe that this is the state’s responsibility

Discuss both views and give your opinion

Although almost everyone agrees about the necessity to provide children with the best healthcare, there is some dispute about whether parents or the government should decide what that care is. My own view is that while governments may adopt a general policy for children’s medical care, parents should normally have the ultimate say.

There are good grounds for arguing that the state should decide on the form of medical provision for children. One of these is that typically the state is better able to make informed decisions because it has access to all the latest medical research. Another is that occasionally there are epidemics in schools and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that illnesses should not be spread unnecessarily. In this case, it might justifiably order compulsory vaccination.

Equally there is a very strong argument for allowing parents to decide on what care their children receive. This is because one extremely important principle is that everyone should have the right to choose what care they receive. For children who are too young to make their own choice, it is only natural that their parents should make that decision for them. This is particularly important for families that come from a culture where certain medical interventions such as blood transfusions are forbidden. In this case, it seems quite wrong for the government to order something that may go against religious beliefs.

In conclusion, I do accept that there are good reasons for the state to outline what care children should receive, but parents should be able to have the last word particularly when religious principles are at stake.

Practise the essay vocabulary

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