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IELTS writing band scores

Why you should learn about IELTS writing band scoring

It’s a fixed system – you can help yourself by learning the rules

This is an easy point. IELTS writing is marked by a universal system – the band score criteria. If you know that system , you’re simply more likely to write well.

Avoidable mistakes

Many candidates make avoidable mistakes because they do not fully understand the 4 IELTS writing band scores. This is especially true of task response/achievement where the examiner expects you to answer the question in a certain way.

Cultural and educational differences

You may come from a system where writing is marked differently from IELTS. It is not enough to write an essay that works in your system, you need to write one that works in IELTS.

Key points about the writing criteria

To understand how writing is marked you should  understand that

  • there are 4 main criteria
  • each of them is equally important
  • the examiners interpret them in a fixed way

An introduction to the writing criteria

Writing band scores

Detailed lessons on the system

The following lessons explain in detail how the examiners interpret the criteria and mark your writing

Do you need band score 8.0?

These lessons are designed for higher level candidates and show in detail how the criteria are interpreted art a higher level.

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