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Over the next few weeks I plan to update and improve my “IELTS Directory”. Sadly, there are now too many links to fit on the one page without it crashing, so I have decided to create separate pages for different categories of site, all of which will accessed from the main page. This first update is for non-IELTS sites that just happen to have excellent online learning resources – places that for me use the internet and its resources best for language learning.

Places to surf and sign up to

Some/most of these sites do have IELTS resources, but my suggestion is that you don’t stop there as they all have lots of material for you to learn English that you might miss. In each case I give you a link to the main page and a suggestion of one link to explore. The idea is to “surf” – this is the way the net works – find something that interests you, then move onto to something else that looks good.

I’d add that most of these sites allow you to sign up to get updates. You might also check out which other sites these sites link to as again they almost all have other places to send you off to.

Random Idea English

A magical site with many excellent interactive grammar/vocab activities. To see what it can offer you, go to reduced relative clauses and then move on from there. Teachers too should check this site out if they haven’t discovered it already.

St George’s International Blog

Another site with too many good things to fit into one category. They have some excellent IELTS speaking resources, but I suggest you start off with their vocabulary page where you will find some exercises on everyday words.


This site specialises in the whizzy. It has a range of interesting interactive grammar and vocab things to do, but you can also find complete lessons there on different topics: lessons that involve all 4 skills. Take a look at this lesson of Food and move on from there.

International House La Spezia’s blog

This site has plenty of help with exam English, but it also has a range of exercises and materials for more specialised areas such as Military English and Legal English, often based on reading texts. Some of these could work very well to practise your reading skills when you don’t understand every word. Try this on getting arrested and then move on.

The Everyday Language Learner

This site is a little different. It doesn’t host its own online resources but it does have plenty of ideas for learning languages outside of the classroom. A place to start is this piece on maximising your language learning activities – something that every self-access learner should think about.

BBC Learning English

A list like this would not be complete without the BBC site. It is quite easily the best resource for general language learning on the net. I shall linking to it in other parts of the new directory, but here I’ll just show you their downloads page. You should get a good idea of their resources from that and sometimes you wan tot learn off line as well as online.

Strategies in Language Learning

This is another slightly different site: it talks to you about how to learn a language. This is something that I believe is profoundly important – much of my class time is spent on “learner training”. If you are having problems, it may be that you are just going about things in the wrong way. Read this on whether practice makes perfect and then move on from there.

English Club

There are a number of sites like this on the net, but this one remains my favourite. There are any number of things to explore here both for teachers and students. One problem area for many people is pronunciation, so why not check out some of the ideas and resources there.


After I have posted it, this page will be found on my main IELTS directory page and I shall be updating it with more sites as and when I find them.



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3 Responses to Just places for great online English

  1. Iman August 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Dear Dominic,
    Thank you for you’r selected English resources, as you know there are many references and websites, no one knows which one is decent for learning English, but you selected between some of them.

  2. Maninder Singh August 11, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    your simply the best man ,I did achieve my target score of 7 each in academic IELTS. (L-8.5,R-7,W-7,S-8). After the exam ,I was thinking about your contribution in my achievement.

  3. vahid August 11, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    Hi there. I have a question and I would appreciate your answer. I’ve been asked to teach IELTS to 4 people who are beginners, in Interchange book series scales, they’re just at the Intro level. I’d like to know if I should start teaching some books like Interchange, touchstone, or Top Notch and go on until they’ve got enough proficiency to get into the IELTS preparation book series, or are there other resources or ways to start teaching them? Thank you so much for reading this.

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