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Describe a film you did not enjoy

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Cue card question

A bad film

Describe a film that you did not enjoy.

You should say

what the film was

when you watched it

who you watched it with

And explain why you did not enjoy this film

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Brief introduction

I’m going to tell you about a movie I saw  a few months ago. While I normally do enjoy films, this one I didn’t like at all – and that’s quite unusual for me.

What the film was

The film was Mama Mia. I suppose you’ve probably heard of it because it’s become quite a phenomenon – a cult movie I guess you could say. It’s a form of musical and is based on the songs of Abba. I think it was adapted from a stage show but I’m not quite sure of that. It’s also a bit of a romcom as the plot revolves around the romantic relationships of a mother and daughter.

When I watched it

I had first heard about the film quite a long time ago and just had never bothered watching because i was fairly sure it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea. But as I was saying a few months back I did sit down and put it on. My girlfriend had given me the DVD and told me I had to see it.

Who I watched it with

I didn’t in fact watch it with her but saw it by myself one evening when I had nothing else to do. I’m quite glad she wasn’t there as I absolutely hated it. While I quite like the original songs the performances in the film were absolutely terrible and the whole romance part of the movie didn’t really work either.

Why I didn’t enjoy it

I suppose it all ended happily ever after but in truth I couldn’t even watch it to the end. It was that bad and overall a very disappointing experience.


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