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Describe an interesting magazine

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Cue card question

A magazine

Describe an interesting magazine

You should say:

how you know about this magazine

where you can buy it

what it contains

and explain why you think this magazine is interesting.


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Brief introduction

I don’t actually read magazines much nowadays – I generally get my information from the internet. But one magazine I do read is The Week.

How I know about this magazine

I found out about this because of my sister and brother-in-law. They’ve been subscribers to it for quite some time now. The last time I went to visit them I saw it on the table in their kitchen and just picked it up to read.

Where you can buy it

I’m not exactly certain where you can buy it. I imagine that you can get it from local newsagents and other shops that sell newspapers and magazines. But when I decided to buy it I just filled out a coupon inside the magazine that gave me a free offer – so I get it delivered to my door with the post.

What it contains

I decided to subscribe to it because it saves me time! It contains the best and most interesting articles from several different newspapers and is neatly divided into different topics. I don’t have to spend time any more browsing different sites on the net. So for instance I can find out about World News and read articles first published in French or German newspapers.

Why is it interesting

Why is it interesting? There are lots of reasons but I think what I like most is that you find articles written from different viewpoints. You never know quite what to expect. That’s slightly unusual in a magazine.



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