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Describe an important letter

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Cue card question

A letter

Describe an important letter that you received.

You should say:

when you received it

what the letter was about

how you felt about the letter

 and explain why it was important.


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Brief introduction

This is not an easy question to answer because I can barely remember the last letter I received I guess that we communicate much more by email nowadays. And even emails are almost a bit old-fashioned. I certainly text people much more – even if it’s quite an important message.

When I received the letter

The one letter I do remember getting is the one with my degree results. It’s quite some time ago now and I can’t remember all the details but I’d just finished at Oxford where I’d been studying classics for 4 years and I was at home applying for jobs. Because I was so worried about finding work I’d almost forgotten about my degree results – I certainly wasn’t worried so long as I got a degree.

What it was about

In fact when I did get the results they were rather disappointing. I had hoped to get a first – the top level – but as it turned out I just did okay and got a second. That was no disgrace as it meant I had performed well enough, but as I was saying I had been hoping for something better.

How I felt

My feelings were slightly mixed. In a strange way I was completely unconcerned as the level of my degree had little or no effect on my future career. But it would have been nice to finish my studies on a high.

Why it was important

The letter was important because it marked the end of academic – educational career. I’d spent over 15 years in permanent education and now I was free of it. A strange feeling.


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