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Describe an important decision

Cue card question

An important decision

Describe an important decision that you made

You should say:

 what the decision was

how you made your decision

what the results of the decision were

and explain why it was important


A model answer

Brief introduction

I’m going to tell you about one of the more important decisions I’ve made – it changed my life almost completely. It was when I asked my girlfriend to marry to me.

The decision

It was in some ways a very easy decision to come to. We’d been going out together for quite some time – very nearly 4 years. In that time we’d got closer and closer and I think we both knew that we’d tie the knot one day. But strangely enough getting married wasn’t something we had discussed in any detail. It was something that had been mentioned from time to time but we didn’t sit down and talk it through.

How I made it

One day though I came to the conclusion that the time was right and I took her out for an expensive meal and popped the question. She said yes which was of course amazing and we did get married around 6 months later.

The results of the decision

What I hadn’t considered though was all the planning that went into a wedding. Almost as soon as we’d told our families everyone was of course very excited. But very quickly both our mothers became involved in planning the wedding and the next 6 months were extremely hectic – there was so  much to do – make lists of guests, book a church, arrange catering , get invitations printed and so on. It became quite stressful.

Why it was so important

That said it was not just a really important decision, it was without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made.


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