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Describe a restaurant

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Cue card question

A restaurant

Describe a restaurant you know.

You should say:

where this restaurant is

what type of food the restaurant serves

how often you go to this restaurant

and explain why you would recommend this restaurant.

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Brief introduction

This isn’t an easy topic for me because I don’t tend to eat out that much. But I’ll tell you about one restaurant that I did use to go to quite regularly.

Where the restaurant is

The restaurant I’m thinking about was a Lebanese restaurant in Bucharest – the capital of Romania. It was only a few blocks from where we were living at the time and it was convenient to get to being just 5 minutes’ walk away.

The type of food

It did serve a fairly wide range of dishes and you could order something “Western” like steak and chips if you felt like it. But the speciality of the restaurant was of course Lebanese food. I’m not an expert on cooking so I don’t know all the technical terms and how to describe the different dishes. What I do remember though is that you would normally be served lots of smaller dishes that you could share – things like hummus – and they used to do some really tasty lamb and fish dishes. It was a very social way to eat and I think I prefer it to more traditional French cuisine.

How often I went there

We actually went to this restaurant on a pretty regular basis – partly because it was quite cheap and affordable but also because it had a wonderful terrace where you could sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee or wine after eating. So while we didn’t exactly go there every week, we did eat out there 2/3 times a month

Why I would recommend it

I think I’d recommend it to anyone not just for its food but also for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


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