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Describe a practical skill

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Cue card question

Describe a practical skill you have.

You should say:

 what the skill is

how often you use it

who taught it to you

and explain why the skill is so practical



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Brief introduction

In fact I’m not a very practical person so this may be a hard topic for me to talk about. I’ve never been very good with my hands and at school instance I was terrible at carpentry and things like that. I could never seem to make anything good enough to take home and show my parents.

What the skill is

I suppose the one practical skill I can claim is that I’m a fairly decent cook. I’m not a fantastic chef or anything like that but I can make a variety of dishes. I suppose what I make most is pasta – that’s my everyday staple – it’s extremely easy of course as it doesn’t take much more than boiling the water and making the sauce.

When I use it

There are times though when I do cook  a proper meal – typically when a friend comes round to dinner. This isn’t that often but I do enjoy getting the cookery books out and picking a recipe I haven’t tried before. I’m not so very adventurous but I am now able to make a range of soups and other things. I find it’s fun.

Who taught me it

No one really taught me to cook. I picked it up by myself. Partly when I was at university and also just by watching other people – my Mum for instance. I do occasionally try some of the techniques you see on television but they never seem to quite work.

Why it is practical

And for me cookery is a really practical skill because it’s something you do every day and everyone needs to eat.


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