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Describe a photograph for IELTS

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Cue card question

A photograph

Describe a photograph that you remember.

You should say:

when it was taken

who took it

what is in the photograph

and explain why you remember this photograph

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Brief introduction

I’m going to tell you about a photograph of me and my sister. It’s quite unusual in that I’m not very photogenic and it’s one of the few photos of me where I like the way I look.

When it was taken

I can’t remember the exact date the photo was taken but it was quite some time ago now. It was when we were on a big family holiday in the Lake District – perhaps 10 years ago. We don’t often now go on holidays as a family together and that was almost the last time the whole family was there.

Who took it

I guess that Paul – my brother-in-law was the one behind the camera. I say that because he’s brilliant at photography and any good photos we have are normally ones that he’s taken. He’s got a great eye for it and of course he has all the right gear – special lenses and so on.

What’s in it

It’s quite a simple photo. It’s just my sister and myself in a boat on a lake – you can see the lake and shore in the background. But the idea is that it’s just the two of us together – looking happy.  Part of the reason it looks great I suppose is that it’s in black and white and that gives it a timeless quality. The other thing is that he caught us unawares and neither of us was looking directly at the camera – so it’s not exactly a portrait.

Why I remember it

I remember because it brings back great memories of a memorable holiday and as I said before I look good in it!


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