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Describe a hotel

Cue card question

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A hotel

Describe a hotel you have stayed in.

You should say:

where it is

what facilities it has

when you stayed there

and say whether you would recommend it to a friend

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Brief introduction

Okay I’m going to tell you about a hotel I’ve stayed in a couple of times when I’ve been to Paris.

Where the hotel is

The hotel is called the Hotel Minerve and is on the left bank in Paris – it’s quite near the student quarter and it’s a lively district to stay in. There’s always plenty going on around there with lots of interesting little side streets to explore and cafes where you can just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. While it is quite noisy, it’s my favourite part of Paris to stay in as I prefer being somewhere quite central.

What facilities it has

The hotel itself is fairly basic and only has the sort of facilities you would expect in a two or three star hotel. When I travel I’m normally on quite a tight budget and I can’t afford hotels which have swimming pools and health spas and that sort of thing. In any event I prefer to spend my time out exploring the place where I’m visiting and not just staying in to eat at the hotel restaurant. So the Minerve does have the basics like wifi, a lift and room service and a little cafe where you can have breakfast and a coffee but it’s nothing special as I was saying.

How often I’ve stayed there

I’ve actually stayed there three times now. The first occasion was at least 5 years ago and we just liked the place so much that we kept going back there whenever we went to Paris. I think it was the friendly service that impressed us so much – the people at reception are really welcoming and speak good English too – which is a help.

Whether I would recommend it

I’d certainly would recommend the Minerve to a friend if they were going to Paris on a fairly small budget.But there are of course fancier and more up market hotels that may be better if it was a special occasion.


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