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Describe a garden you remember visiting

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Cue card question

A garden

Describe a garden you remember visiting.

You should say:

where it is

what it looks like

what people do there

and explain why you remember it.

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This isn’t an easy question for me because I’m not really that into gardens and I’m not sure how to describe all the plants and flowers.

The garden I’ll tell you about is the Botanical Garden at Oxford. I used to go there from time to time when I was a student. It’s not quite in the city centre but is a fairly short walk away and easy enough to get to on foot from the High Street. It’s quite close to the river and one of the more famous bridges.

It’s a fairly large place and has different sections to it. As I remember there are paths that lead to these different sections. There is for instance an area with glasshouses where there are some less common species – at least in the UK – plants that normally grow in tropical climates. Then I also remember that there was special aromatic garden there where there were plants that had particular scents. I think it was originally made for blind people who couldn’t enjoy the colours of the plants.

It’s quite an active place and because it’s free lots of people just walk in and wander around. You do get garden specialists who go there to look at certain plants, but there are just as many people who just go there to sit on one of the benches and eat their sandwiches or have a coffee during their lunch break.

Why do I remember it? Well I spent 4 years in Oxford and it was one of those places that I used to visit more often. I haven’t been to many other gardens since.


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