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Describe a country you would like to visit

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Cue card question

A country you would like to visit

Describe a country you would like to visit

You should say

what the country is

when you would go there

what you would do there

And explain why you would like to visit it

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Brief introduction

I think the country I would like to visit most is China. It’s somewhere that I’ve always been fascinated by and would love to go and see one day.

When I would go there

I’m not entirely sure what the climate is like in China. I guess because it is such a vast country that the weather varies quite a lot depending on where you are. I do know that some areas such as Hong Kong and Beijing can get uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer and so I suppose the best time to travel may be in the spring or autumn when it’s slightly cooler. The one time I wouldn’t want to go would be in the winter because the days are shorter then and you get less chance to see everything you want to

What I would do there

What would I do there? Well, I’d try and see the sights. Normally I’m quite an adventurous traveller and I don’t like being part of tour group. But if I did ever go to China I would probably do it as part of a package tour because that way I would get to visit all the major destinations. You can’t really go there and not see the Great Wall and the Forbidden Palace. And I think that if I went by myself there would be all sorts of problems with the language.

Why I would like to go there

It’s hard to explain why China is my dream destination. It’s just a place that I long to visit. It may be that it’s so exotic – or different – at any rate I’m sure that it would be a real experience.


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