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Welfare is key word and concept for discussing a range of social issues. It can come in useful when you are talking about providing support for members of society who are less well off – these are benefits in a welfare state which can include:

  • housing benefit
  • unemployment benefit
  • child support benefit

One reason why many people oppose mass immigration is that they do not think that immigrants should take advantage of these benefits which are paid for through taxes.

The word also has another more general usage when there is a problem in society and so we can use it to talk about for instance animal welfare and child welfare.

Forms of the word


Using the word

animal/family/child: These episodes of cruelty to horses underline the need for increased spending on animal welfare.

provision: We also need to take into account the provision of welfare services to the elderly.

benefits: The longer we live, the more pressure there is on welfare services as there are more people who claim benefits.

public/general/social: Although schools have some responsibility, parents of course should retain ultimate control over the general welfare of their children.

state/system: It is arguable certain aspects of the welfare state such as free healthcare can survive in the twenty first century.



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  1. Hazem Zayter November 10, 2014 at 11:17 pm #

    Very good information and explanation about “Welfare” word…Thanks Dominic

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