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This is a word that is mostly useful for writing about transport and you should note the phrase mass transit in particular.  You may also find the word useful when writing about change because there is very often a period of transition following a change.

Forms of the word





Using the word

mass: This inability to build an extensive and cohesive mass transit network harms the job prospects of people who rely on public transport.

in:  The goods were damaged in transit and therefore you are responsible replacing them.

campsNo one can argue displaced persons in transit camps deserve any aid or assistance that can be provided.

smooth: While this reform will cause some problems, the government should be able to make the transition as smooth as possible.

period: In this period of transition special allowance should be made for anyone who fails to make the grade.





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    I’m extremely grateful for your daily lessons which have been very helpful for my students. Thanks.

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    Given vocabulary exercise attracts attention and drags into exercise with gradual interest. I wish to see more and with content slightly different from using words options.

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    thanks for your vocabulary lessons. my students find them really interesting. looking forward to more lessons

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