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Statistitic – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the academic word list is



This is potentially a very useful word for use in task 1 IELTS when you are dealing with numbers and percentages. The more common forms of the word include: statistics, statistical, statistically and statistician.

Some common combinations

The government statistics reveal that there is a shortage of housing in urban areas.

If we analyse these statistics carefully, it can be seen that they show a downward trend.

There is not enough statistical evidence to establish this claim and there is room to believe that some of the numbers may be unreliable.

Some prepositions

There is some debate about how accurate the statistics for unemployment are.

It is uncertain what the statistics on youth crime reveal.

We can see that according to official statistics immigration is actually falling.

Two more idiomatic expressions

If you become a statistic, you are normally a victim of a social problem.

He lost his job and became just another statistic.

Your vital statistics are your physical measurements.

I”m embarrassed to say I don’t know my wife’s vital statistics.


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