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This is a word that means keep and is very similar in meaning to retain.

Retain and maintain

These two words are very similar and can sometimes be used interchangeably. There is, however, some difference between them. This is perhaps best shown by the type of words they are used with. The general idea is that if you maintain something, you keep it in existence and preserve its quality; while if you retain something you keep it in your possession and don’t lose it.

Forms of the word

retain: a verb

retention: an uncountable noun

retentive: an adjective

Using the words

memory:Some students have an advantage at school because they have a very retentive memory

customers:It is often said that it is more important to retain your current customers than to win new ones.

character: These developments often do not succeed in retaining the character of the buildings they replace

independence: It is extremely important for the elderly to retain a degree of independence in their old age.

control: Patients should retain some control of the care they are given if it is to be effective

the right: This is only likely to be a problem if consumers do not retain the right to choose their service provider.



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