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This is a must have word for essay writing. It is particularly useful for when you are adding detail to an argument. All you need to do is say “Research shows that….‘.

Please also note that research is both a verb and a noun.

Forms of the word

research: a verb and a noun

researcher: a person

Using the word

do/undertake/carry out/conduct It may be necessary to carry out more research into Genetically modified foods before deciding if they are safe to eat.

show/prove/reveal The most recent research shows that typically we are taking less and less exercise.

current/academic/medical/cancer etc Cancer research, for example, is only partially funded by governments and relies heavily on private donations.

research and development (R and D) There is a strong connection between how much a company invests in research and development and their final profit margin. [This is often simply R and D and is a very strong collocation in business English]

market research Most new products nowadays are only put on sale after extensive market research has been carried out.

into/on There is definitely a need for more research into the causes of global warming.




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