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Regime – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the academic word list is



This is one of the more specific words in the academic word list mostly used to mean a government. Typically, it means a government that you disapprove of, so you need to be careful about using it as a synonym for “government” in your writing. There are, however, other more general uses of the word that may be more useful where  it means a system of rules.

More general examples

The government should institute a much stricter regime in prisons and require inmates to do some form of labour

One possibility would be to create a special tax regime under which companies that caused pollution would have to pay more

The current regulatory regime in the advertising industry seems to be ineffective and it would help to establish tighter controls

Change of regime

Regimes change of course and here is a selection of words to help you describe that:

Some of these problems are the fault of previous regimes and so the current government needs to establish new policy.

In some regions of the world, there is great political instability caused by the collapse of totalitarian regimes which have been overthrown.

One reason why aid is sometimes ineffective is that new problems occur under regime change.

Regime and regimen

A closely related word is “regimen”, which is used to describe the rules of diet and treatment:

They should be encouraged to follow a much healthier regimen by exercising regularly and avoiding junk food.


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