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This is a surprisingly useful word that can be used for talking about careers or aims more generally, meaning try to achieve. It can also be helpful for talking about hobbies and interests.

Forms of the word

pursue: the verb

pursuit: an uncountable noun

Using the word

goal/aim/objective/policy: The government need to pursue this policy vigorously if the quality of healthcare is to improve.

a career: An increasing number of young people aim to pursue a career in information technology, not least because of the financial rewards on offer.

matter/issue/argument: I trust that you will pursue this matter and inform of what action you intend to take. [a letter making a complaint and asking for action]

of: University education is all about the pursuit of academic excellence. 

in: Many students are now choosing to study abroad in pursuit of a higher quality of education.

active/outdoor/sporting: My belief that is that schools should provide more not fewer  sporting activities and outdoor pursuits.




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  1. Rose April 30, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

    Hi Dominic
    Thanks so much for all this fabulous material. However, I think there is a typo in 2. of exercise: We don’t say ‘and please inform of’ – we say ‘and please inform someone of’, so in this case probably ‘and please inform us of’.

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